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student roleplayProject: Student Careers Workshop, RHUL
Video Editor, Web Developer

I was given video in DVD VOB format so had to convert, edit and encode the footage (using Anyvideo Converter, Premiere Pro and Flash). This was added to the career development section of the MSc BIS course page (no longer available).


Screenshot of a lecture by Peter DayProject: Streaming a Lecture by Peter Day, RHUL
Project Manager, Video Editor, Web Developer

I arranged for the recording and hosting of the lecture, then captured, edited and encoded the video before incorporating it into our website. The audio was then extracted and converted to an MP3 for download. Watch my 9-minute edited highlights on YouTube


Bongo Clive playing in HaverfordwestClient: Pembrokeshire Mind
Role: Video Editor, Web Developer

The client had several short clips of live events they wanted 'streamed' from their website. A pair of us edited and encoded two clips each, which were incorporated as progressive downloads on their website. (Since their website was redeveloped, these are no longer available, see screenshot.)